Save Money.    Save Time.    Save Water.

Save Money.
Save Time. 
Save Water.

Restaurants, Caterers, Cafeterias, and anyone cleaning plates needs to check out the PlateScrape! The PlateSrape was invented by a dishwasher and replaces the spray nozzle saving money, time and water.

Estimated Restaurant Spending on Pre-Sanitizing 200,000 Plates

Estimated Restaurant Spending on PreSanitizating 200,000 Plates

Award Winning Brushes

Our brushes are built to last and can handle over 200,000 plates without losing their effectiveness. They won the 2018 Innovation of the Year Award from the American Brush Manufacturers Association.

Drop the Spray Nozzle
and Start Saving

The PlateScrape has been third party tested to work 40% faster and to use 93% less water than the average spray nozzle. Spray nozzles use drinkable tap water that is heated to 120° so switching will reduce your electric bill as well as your water bill.


See what people are saying about the PlateScrape
Wonderful innovative addition to
our events, makes the rental
cleanup quick and easy! I highly
recommend the PlateScrape to all food industry professionals. Saves an amazing amount of water too!
Nina Hamilton
of Heavenly Creations
We have a rental company and run a venue in the central coast California, we let our vendors use the PlateScrape. They LOVE it! It cuts the clean time of scraping dishes down to hardly anything. We recommend this to all of our caterers especially when there is NO kitchen to rinse dishes. It definitely is a great tool!!!”
Thom & Jamie Jesperson
of SLO Party Rental’s
The first month using the PlateScrape we saved around $300 or 30% on our water bill! The water savings are increasing as our dishwashers become more accustomed to using the PlateScrape.
of Indigo Moon Restaurant
It was a pleasure sitting down with Nate Stein and learning all about the PlateScrape. I look forward to working with the team to help ensure we save a tremendous amount of water this year. By far the most influential bucket and brushes I've seen in my life, a must have for every dishwasher. Drought prevention is always on my mind and I'm proud PlateScrape is a part of our community!
Mayor Heidi Harmon
of San Luis Obispo, CA
The PlateScrape made it easy for us to pre-sanitize plates! After using the PlateScrape we wouldn’t go back to any other method of pre-sanitizing plates in the field
All About Events
of Steven Herring
PlateScrape is one of the most innovative products on PlateScrape is the kind of product that immediately makes sense to restaurants and caterers plus any business that has to prewash dishes. This is a game changer. Within one week of being on we are already seeing meaningful adoption of this product. My hat is off to Nate, founder of PlateScrape, who has made water conservation and time saving his mission.
Michael Polier
of The Food Exchange

Start Saving!

Buy a PlateScrape now or try it free for a 45 day trial*

Made in the USA with NSF, UL, and FDA Certifications

*45 Day Trial: We're so confident that the PlateScrape works that were willing to let you try it for FREE. If you don't like it just send it back before the 45 days are up.

One Year Warranty

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