Restaurants are cutting their water use by 30%-50%!

Every meal should start with a clean plate...

PLATESCRAPE gets the food crust that your dishwasher misses. Ensure that NO customer receives a dirty plate at the table. Pretty important right?

PlateScrape Vs Spray Nozzle

Drop the Spray Nozzle

Spray nozzles use 1-3 gallons of HOT water per minute! PLATESCRAPE was tested by Food Service Technology Center to work 40% faster and use 93% less water than your average spray nozzle.

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PlateScrape Vs Spray Nozzle


Saving restaurants thousands of dollars a year!
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Estimated Cost of Pre-Sanitizing 200,000 Plates

We invented a tool that lets dishwashers work more efficiently.
PlateScrape Savings Graph
Save up to 30% on your water and sewage costs

Why the brush?

People told us we were crazy to build a brush that didn't need replacing. They said manufacture overseas and have your customers buy replacements all the time. We said F***  that and built the best damn brush we could. It took years but PLATESCRAPE'S brushes are designed to get the food crust spray nozzles and dish-machines miss. Each bristle has a special coating that prevents any bacterial growth and we haven't had a single customer need replacements.

Built to Last

These brushes are tough and built to last. They get the most stubborn egg, cheese, and dried on food crust off your dishes making your dishwashers job easier. No more rewashes and spraying away all your hot water.

William A. Cordes 2018 Innovation of the Year Award.

U.S. Patented and 100% Made in America

Best New Restaurant Product

Interested in custom brushes or sinks?
Nate, our inventor, is happy to talk to you.

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"We saved $300 on our water bill!"

- Indigo Moon Restaurant


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1 Year Warranty

Made in the USA with NSF, UL, and FDA Certifications

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PLATESCRAPE Dimensions 17.2x11x12

"We highly recommend PLATESCRAPE because it saves our restaurants money on soap and labor costs!"

- Rodizio Grill Restaurants


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2 Year Warranty

Made in the USA with NSF, and FDA Certifications

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Customer Stories


San Jose, CA

Milohas is a family owned business making Colombian empanadas and other baked goods

Reduced water use by 30%!

"PLATESCRAPE is easy, fast and fun! As a small business, PLATESCRAPE was the ideal solution to not having room for a dishwasher!"

Mireya Baez - Owner


It's a simple tool, for a simple problem

The first month using the PLATESCRAPE we saved around  $300 or 30% on our water bill!
of Indigo Moon Restaurant
The most influential bucket and brushes I've seen in my life! A must have for every dishwasher.
Mayor Heidi Harmon
of San Luis Obispo, CA
PLATESCRAPE was an immediate benefit to out business
of Naked Fish Restaurant
We love the PLATESCRAPE!
Chef Ryan
Extremely pleased! 🙂
Reddit User
This product is FANTASTIC!!!
The ROI on this simple tool is great!
Rodizio Grill
My staff thanks me ever day for buying a PLATESCRAPE
Adam Nelson

Designed for Any Operation

PLATESCRAPE is portable and fits inside a standard three compartment sink


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Water Warriors

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Now there's even more ways to save water (and money)

Our Water Saving Story

Nate was washing dishes after a wedding when he had his ah-ha moment!

Frustrated with how much water was being wasted he just knew there had to be a better way. That night he drilled toilet scrubbers into a super-glued, Plexiglas tub. The next morning he filled it up with water and ran a dirty plate through it....

3-weeks later he was standing on the stage of Tech Pitch holding Audience Choice Award.

Follow the story @PLATESCRAPE

Our partnership with

PlateScrape Brushes

Save water. Give water.

Traditional methods of washing dishes wastes millions of gallons of water every day, while millions of people around with world are living without it. That’s why we’re changing the way dishes are washed – to save water, save time, and save money. And we’re paying it forward, too. Every PLATESCRAPE sold helps provide 10 years of access to safe water to one person in the developing world through

*$5.55 helps provide 10 years of clean water for one person in the developing world.

Water changes lives is an international nonprofit organization that has positively transformed more than 16 million lives around the world with access to safe water and sanitation. Founded by Gary White and Matt Damon, pioneers market-driven financial solutions to the global water crisis. For more than 25 years, we've been providing women hope, children health and families a future.

PlateScrape Brushes
PlateScrape Brushes

844 million lack access to safe water

It’s hard for us to truly imagine what it would be like to not have access to clean water. But for 844 million people around the world, this is reality.

By purchasing a PLATESCRAPE, you can help transform lives around the world. This creates a ripple effect: with access to clean water, women can care for their families, families can earn an income and pursue their dreams.


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